A book review. ❀πŸ₯°


I finished this little gem at midnight last night. I intended to write my review immediately after, but later decided to sleep on it before I typed anything up. I have been getting really conflicted with how to rate books lately and this was no exception.

I will start by saying this is a beautiful fantasy world that you can fully embrace and enjoy. It’s a world that really wraps its hands around you and pulls you in. Not to mention look at that cover art! I want more of it and the world. Thankfully there are more books in this series.

At the same time though, when you create a lot of things and details then push them all at once it’s almost too fast to fully grasp everything. I had to reread a few paragraphs because I couldn’t wrap my head around them. I think it was information overload for a moment.

A lot of the creatures in this story you will have heard of, but they won’t be exactly like you’ve heard of them. If that makes any sense. So you try and remember what they are here and all these other names for them. By the end of the book I definitely had a good grasp on everything, but at the beginning it was a bit much for me.

Some parts of the story were predictable, but others were so out of left field I wouldn’t have guessed if I had tried. This was all in a good way though. Not in a “what the heck just happened” vibe. I enjoyed the characters and I enjoyed the ending.

Spoilers ahead. I did have a slight issue with the MC Alex. She’s a bit overpowered for my usual read. Everyone should have some type of weakness or have flaws. She doesn’t appear to have any other than being overly kind, which does hurt her. She does has a troubled back story, but it doesn’t make her anymore relatable. However this actually didn’t stop me from liking her.

So clearly this story has me filled with a million conflicting emotions and I couldn’t rate it any other way than three stars. I didn’t love it so much I wanted to scream from the roof tops, but I also didn’t dislike it. Therefore landing it right dab in the middle.

What makes a book 3 stars for you?

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