A Book Review w/ A Side Rant 🙈

When I first started using Kindle Unlimited all the books it recommended to me were Reverse Harem. I had never read any before and thought why not give them a shot. One after another I tried them and I just did not care for them. They seemed to stay in the whole “academy” storyline, which I enjoy. Yet, they all seem overly sexual. It was like every character had an uncomfortably overactive libido. Some people are into this, but I am not.

The recommendations are tricky though, because the more you read something the more it will recommend that type. So I was stuck reading all these books that I just could not for the life of me connect with.

Then I discovered G.K. Derosa, whom I love. Surprisingly enough the books I fell in love with by Derosa were reverse harem. The difference was that at the end the character ends up with one person. The even bigger difference was that it didn’t read like the FMC was running from one bed to the next and next. The books didn’t read like someone only had eyes for genitals and genitalia.

There is actually another series that I keep reading and have no idea why. It is by Steffanie Holmes I believe? It is also reverse harem. The characters are all terrible people, but I just have to know what happens next. I avoid rating them completely because I know going into each one that I am going to ask myself afterwards why I read it. I mean they even give me nightmares 🤣🙈

I don’t have any issue with people who have these types of relationships. Just reading wise it isn’t for me. Still I knew all of this before deciding to read this next book. I’m happy I read it, but it further strengthens my resolve on staying clear of reverse harem.

I did rate this ⭐⭐⭐ and leave a pretty lengthy review, but I am going to do a deeper dive here.

My daughter loves Monster High. She has almost all the movies and several of the dolls. I enjoy watching them with her too. I have often wished that there was an older version of it that I could read or watch. So, when I read this book’s description I couldn’t run away from it. I knew it wasn’t on my TBR, but I kept coming back to reread the description on Kindle Unlimited. So, I finally caved.

It’s a book about a teenage girl named Violet, who just so happens to be Dracula’s daughter. She is terrible at being a monster and her father decides he has to send her to the academy to work on it. A school filled with monster teens, who have very famous parents. Oh, and the majority of the school hates vampires. Yippee for Violet right? Yupppp. So, when people start turning up dead all eyes are on her. You are basically tagging along as they discover who is behind everything and clear her name.

I read the entire book in one sitting. I stayed up way too late, but I enjoyed reading it. I did have some issues, but they were mainly with things that are of common occurrence trope-wise.

There are multiple povs throughout this book. When the book first starts it is a little hard to keep up, but I quickly got the hang of it. There are so many characters though that some are introduced and then rarely seen again. Vin’s sister is supposedly Violet’s best friend, but she is only ever mentioned as her best friend. We do not actually get any scenes with them together except in the first couple of chapters. Even there it is only like two times. There’s a scene later on in the book where Mason is with his mother and after that scene we see it mentioned once more. We see no reaction or further mention of it.

Within the first couple of pages people are already being sexualized and it stays pretty constant throughout the whole book. This is without actually doing anything though. So, it is like reading through the eyes of a teenage boy who just hit puberty and has discovered playboy magazines. It is all he thinks about, but he isn’t actually doing it. Yet, these characters are all older than that and not all male.

I still laughed my behind off and caught myself being surprised several times. It was never predictable and the characters were likeable. It was a pleasant look at them, but I would not recommend this to my mother. Even though I know she loves monsters as much as me…I don’t think I could even handle the idea of her reading it. 🤣😭🙈

Then it ends with a cheap and rude cliffhanger ending. Normally I don’t mind them so much, but this one didn’t even feel like an ending. It just felt like a cut off and then there is no information anywhere about whether or not there will be another book. If there is going to be I have no idea when it will come out. 😑😵

I enjoyed the book, but I am still disappointed. I think this book had so much potential and fell rather far from it. I will read more if they come, but I will continue looking for a “monster academy” to sweep me off my feet.