Binge Read and Review


I started my ebook copy of this book just yesterday and found myself up all night to finish it. (It is currently 1:02 a.m. here) I did not stop it once I started it. I literally could not put it down.

I think this might be one of the most enjoyable retellings I have ever read. I am distraught that I cannot read the next one until January of 2020 because I want more.

Sometimes I will read a book and enjoy it, but I won’t have a clear picture in my head of the characters. This didn’t happen here. I see them so clearly in my head even equipped with all their mannerisms. So different, but alike at the same time. I love them. Sometimes I loved them so much I wasn’t sure if I was rooting for the curse to remain in tact and her to end up with Grey or for it to be that happily ever after we never knew we needed. šŸ¤£šŸ™ˆ

Now if I enjoyed it and the characters so much why am I only giving it three stars? Well, you see there’s a few reasons actually.

  • The overused “not like other girls”
  • Roughly five years with the same season repeating over and over but 300 something girls….do the math.
  • This is a side note for the previous mention; Grey can only go to DC once a season and for one hour. So how did they get that many?
  • No trigger warning even though there were suicidal tendencies and themes, not to mention the sexual assault later in the book. When in doubt put a trigger warning.
  • In the story there are several instances where we are reading about something to do with Rhen’s map of the lands. Assuming the other kingdoms would have them too why wouldn’t they realize there is no Land of “Disi” on the map?
  • I understand the need to “kidnap” for the plot, but the whole 300 something girls runs me the wrong way. Especially in the nonchalant manner its talled about. As if this is no big deal.

Now with that being said, I still enjoyed this book enough to binge it in one sitting. This was mainly world building issues, but they didn’t stop the storyline or cause any issues with it. They were mainly just “facts” about that world that didn’t make a lot of sense. I would read this again and I would probably find it just as enjoyable. Yet, it still could have been so much better if more thought had gone into that.

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