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I finished this beautiful ARC a few days ago. I am so glad that I won this book in a giveaway because it was such a good read I know I will read it multiple times. I probably wouldn’t have just picked it on my own either.

If you love witty banter in your romance novels then you will probably love this couple. They compliment each other so beautifully even though they didn’t always see it. Another thing I enjoyed about these two were that they weren’t average characters. Chloe has a chronic illness and Red reminds you later on that we aren’t the only ones that experience certain issues. It was a delightful change.

I will say that since this is an ARC some things might be slightly different in the finished novel. So this could have changed, but I was actually caught off guard and confused at the beginning. There wasn’t any mention that the character point of view was changing or that there were two to begin with. It just kind of changed the next chapter. I actually had to go back and reread what I had read because I was so confused.

I will also say that there are two words in this story that are used a couple handful of times that I could have gone without completely. They didn’t make me like the book any less, but I will not be recommending this book to my mother because of them. I think her eyes would’ve popped out of her head.

I think one of the key things we saw in the beginning of this book was how big of an effect assumptions and perceptions can make. We got all the slow burn romance we could want because of it though.

I am excited that there will be more books. It will be nice to see her sisters some more and see how they see her. I also can’t wait to get more of her Grandmother. She was my favorite!

Anyways….Get A Life, Chloe Brown is one of BOTM’s picks this month so you can get it there or wait for Nov. 5th (release day).

Who was your favorite character?

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