Bookhaul 😱😱😱

So a few weeks ago a blogger I follow, Kittymarie , made a post about a new place she found to buy books. I normally use thriftbooks, but decided to check it out anyway.

One of the things I immediately loved was that whoever refers you gets ten dollars credit after you make your first purchase and you will also get a ten dollar credit right off the bat to help you with your first purchase. So yes, get ready for my link: $10 credit

You get free shipping on all orders $35 and above. So I spent $35 and some change after my $10 off.

I got a total of 25 books. 10 of those books were hardbacks while the other 15 were paperbacks.

A couple of the jackets had a small split in the bottom corner on the spine, but there was no actual damage to the hardbacks themselves. One of my paperbacks had a cover that was too small for it and that is why it was marked so low. There was literally nothing else wrong with it.

You can see the book with the funny cover here .

The book that cost the most this haul was Red Queen (I have been dying to read this series). It costed $3.30. Everything else in this haul was under 2 dollars. Most were as cheap as $1.09. I will be coming back to this store time and time again!

What’s the largest bookhaul you’ve made this year?

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