Boxes galore πŸ™ˆ

November box looks great I might add.

So, I have three boxes for this post. They are all Target Beauty boxes. Now if you haven’t heard about the Target beauty boxes fear not because I am going to break it all down for you.

They came in at a different time than my November box, but it is pretty obvious which is which.

The Target beauty boxes are not a monthly subscription box. Every month you have to go out there and buy them for yourself after they release. This saves you from that monthly charge if you can’t afford it that month. Hopefully they will have enough for everyone. They have male boxes too if you are looking.

Unfortunately for me when I went out there to look they only had June, October, and the November boxes left. Unless I wanted the men’s, but I wasn’t looking to try that out this month. I might next month and give you all my darling husband’s reactions. Maybe I will even try a video for it, who knows. Let me know what you want 🀣 They are only seven dollars a piece.

I opened the November box first because it was so pretty it was practically begging for it. I will also note that there were two different options for women for the November box (curly and regular). This is the regular. I will probably buy the curly as well I just have not yet.
These are some big size samples guys. The “I will last you long enough for you to get a feel for me” size.
Holy smokes. We have a full size sample in this box. I mean I am not trying to thicken or lengthen my brows, but my lashes I can try. It is a three month supply! Box one βœ”
October box!
Once again decent size samples and then a full size product. Box number two βœ”
June box!
I don’t believe any of these are full sizes, but they are all stuff I will try and use. Still decent sizes. Box number three βœ”

I’m pretty happy with these boxes. I think I will be buying the curly box and the December when it releases. I will think about whether or not to check out the men’s boxes and let you all know. Thanks for checking in with me. Let me know what you think!

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