Getting Ahead

I’m going to go ahead and plan my TBR for now through the end of January. Hopefully the extra free time will allow me to actually finish it this time. 🙈

If I manage to actually finish these (which should be a piece of cake if I find the time) I will move on to my BOTM picks from the past few months.

I think it’s a nice mix and blend of genres. Would like to meet is for a moment when I am feeling low and looking for a light and joyful read. Obviously the different Frankenstein tales will be darker and slightly spooky. I’m super excited for The Scorpio Races as I have been waiting forever to read it. It is one of those books I always hear about, but just havent picked up. Then finally there is The Princess Companion, which is a Princess & the pea retelling. So hopefully I have covered all the moods 🤣🙈

Now when I know I am pressed for time and only have a little bit to read I generally reach for the kindle app. I did grab some graphic novels on standby for those moments as well. Also scored some of these amazing ebook holiday deals and got Gilded Wolves. I imagine if it isn’t during this period then it won’t be until the next TBR.

This never really seemed like an ambitious amount for me as I am a speed reader with a high retention rate, but with so much required reading in school it’s becoming harder and harder. So, hopefully this stack isn’t too ambitious and that I actually stick to it.

What are you guys planning for your January TBR?