Grave Intentions – A Book Review

I know this cover is so yummy and ahhh, but this IS NOT a smut book or some crazy erotica. 😂😂😂

I originally gave this book 5 stars but changed it down to ⭐⭐⭐⭐. Five stars are hard for me. If I hadn’t reflected on it…it probably would’ve stayed five stars.

So what made me change my mind? Well, for starters I felt like it could’ve used a trigger warning. When in doubt on whether or not you need one use one. It kinda skirted around some issues and I will leave it at that.

Another note about that same instance (w/o giving too much away) is I felt like Sarah should’ve done something as soon as she realized what had happened. I felt like it slightly betrayed her strong willed personality that she didn’t, but that is just my personal opinion.

I also felt like there were a few of their scenes together that could have been stretched out more. I think this would have helped us fall in love with them as a couple more and probably made certain parts of the story even more emotional for us.

Other than those things I was pleased with the book. I love anything to do with Grim Reapers especially because there are so many different takes on them. This was another different take that I was happy to have read.

One thing I love about this book is it gives you a sense of foreshadowing. A lot of times I will read a book and think “Oh, I already know where this is going.” When that happens I normally feel discouraged or don’t enjoy the book as much. Sometimes it will feel like I have already read something too similar. This is not the case here. This is the foreshadowing that has you waiting the entire time with bated breath for the other shoe to drop. Then when it does it still isn’t in the way you pictured it.

This is a story about a grim reaper, a mortal, and fate. I think in some ways it was also a story of finding one’s self all over again.

It was also free. Who doesn’t love free books? It’s free on google play books and on amazon kindle right now. It is the first part of a series, but each book is about a different character. From the descriptions I think it is safe to say that they can all be read as stand alones. I will be purchasing them and diving in all things grim reaper! 😂🥰🙈 It appears to be my trend for the time being, which is fitting for the month/holiday.

What are you currently reading? Does this sound like a book for you? If you have read this book what did you like or dislike?

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