Netgalley reviews


This beauty here is already out and has a sequel releasing January 8th. It actually already has a final book release date in March as well I am actually looking forward to that and debating on getting this one in a hard copy for my shelves. I think I will end up doing so because I see myself buying the entire trilogy upon release.

I think dystopian and fantasy are my top two preferred reads. I feel I always tend to rate fantasy more critically and am very free with my stars when it comes to dystopian in general. So, it should have been so surprise that I loved this book, but it was.

The first time I read the blurb I was confused but still intrigued. I was worried the book would be too technical for me to appreciate or understand because of some of the specific terms used. This was not the case though. I actually reread the blurb afterward and chuckled to myself. What I was afraid would be so confusing ended up being explained so easily and simply that it took no time to wrap my head around.

I was able to fully picture this world without even the slightest confusion. Things actually made sense and I understand what led to everyone’s actions. Now with that said, I do not recommend reading the excerpt for the next book. I wanted it so badly that I went for it even though I normally ignore them for this very reason.

Spoiler ahead. The entire book we are getting teased with Lora and Syeth. We finally get them together at the end with what looks like a beautiful start to the next adventure. Then I read the excerpt and wanted to cry because just as I finally had gotten a glimpse of them together it felt like they were being ripped apart again. Now I am looking forward to the next book and I really mean that. I wish I would’ve just let myself have that happy ending though and hadn’t dove into the first chapter of the next book. You can currently find it in kindle unlimited if you would like to check it, which I highly recommend.


This was another netgalley ecopy I had the pleasure of checking out. It is a graphic novel, which I don’t generally read much of. I wish I read more of them, but I don’t normally see recommendations of them like I do regular paperbacks. It was shorter than I had anticipated it being and I had to switch readers to be able to read it. I should have known it would be too small for my phone, but I tried anyway. Lol.

It was beautifully illustrated and I believe it would be classified as MG if I am honest. I loved it though. It made me chuckle and was so heartwarming at the same time. I am looking forward to more to dive into. The ending felt like a cliffhanger and those really kill me, but worth it.

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