Off track

I still haven’t seemed to grasp back my usual every day posting. I have not recieved the opportunity to follow through on many of my ideas. I am just feeling rushed and overwhelmed. My new spam filter works like a charm, but it hasn’t made me any less busy.

I spend hours doing school work and required reading, which drains my desire to read anything else. Yet, I have still managed to read several books so far this much. Only one of which was on my TBR. I have no self-control apparently. 🤣🙈 So what have I dived into this month?

After I finished Monsters, which was in my last post, I was feeling the need for something vampire related. I stumbled across a book on Kindle Unlimited called Blood Trial : Supernatural Battle by Kelly St. Clare. I know I rated it four stars and binged it fairly quickly. It was different than most books I have read when it comes to vampires. It is the first book of a trilogy. I lucked out and the next book released a few weeks later.

It is titled Vampire Debt : Supernatural Battle by Kelly St. Clare. I only rated this one three stars because I didn’t enjoy it as much. It did a larger dive into the background of everyone and everything. I sort of felt like the main characters actions sometimes betrayed her & things she had been standing for the entire time, but there are things that make it more understandable why. Parts felt rushed, but it was alot of information about the past and the world itself that we needed. I guess when you get a lot of information and less story it is bound to be a lower rating.

The Carrier by Ramona Finn was released, which was the second book. The Pairings was a netgalley book I read back in November. I rated this one lower than its predecessor as well. It was still very much a dystopian world I enjoyed, but if felt like something was missing. I was almost annoyed at one point with the main characters inner thoughts because she kept saying the same things over in different ways. At least it felt that way. I still intend to read the third book when it releases. I think in March?

Ignited by Steffanie Holmes is the fourth and final book. I don’t rate these because I am not even sure why I read them tbh. I didn’t enjoy any of them, but it is more because they just aren’t for me. I think I was compelled by the story plot, but not the characters or their actions. So many things wrong with them, but I just can’t get into all that. These books are dark, cruel, dirty, smutty, and all over the place. I needed to know the ending though and what was going on.

The Edge of Reason by J. Saman is a stand alone romance, but it had two predecessors within the same world that were friends with the characters in this one. It’s been almost a week since I read it and I still have no idea how I feel about it. I gave it my cursed three stars and I will leave it at that. It was a best friends to lovers and I think that’s pretty difficult to execute perfectly.

Fallen Academy by Leia Stone is obviously academy based. There are four books and one short story total. Covering all the school years. Now I gave the short story two stars. I was tempted to give it one. I thought both year one and year four were a solid four stars. Years two and three were also my overused three stars. I gave some of them more detailed explanations of my ratings on GoodReads. I really enjoyed it as a series and I think I will end up buying physical copies for my shelves. They also have beautiful cover art. I would recommend them.

The final book for this list is the only one actually on my TBR. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater was the only book I gave 5 stars. I have actually only given one other book five stars since like October? I can’t believe I waited so long to read it. It was enjoyable and detailed enough to see a clear picture without going overboard on descriptions. It was magical but simple and I loved every second of it. I was sad and worried for the characters. I understood their actions. It was great. I think it deserved every single one of those stars.

I think 11 books so far this month isn’t too bad. I am a bit upset though because GoodReads removed some of my reviews or star ratings. They show as being updated last month, but I haven’t touched them. Some have been so long that I honestly couldn’t fairly redo them unless I reread them so I am a bit cranky. Oh well. That’s it for now.