Snackcrate 🤤

This snack subscription service is different from Snack Nation, which I had tried before. Snack Nation stuck with healthier snack options, but Snack crate is all about trying snacks from different countries, which aren’t necessarily healthy.

Just a forewarning, this is not the size of the normal subscription boxes. They have different levels and additional add ons that you can pick from. I started with a smaller box though, which was on sale at the time for only a dollar. I also got to pick between three countries to start with. I chose Germany because I thought it was a safe bet that I would at least like one snack from there. Thus becoming worth it.

It was packed full of goodies!

Obviously I cannot read any of the labels so I was grateful that they had the pamphlet included explaining what everything was etc. It also had some cute little facts about Germany that I did not know.

A few of the actual descriptions listed here.

The Knoppers were basically your typical wafer cookies. Only they weren’t as basic as the ones I buy here. Needless to say, I loved them. As did everyone else here.

I didn’t share the kinder bueno (this includes hazelnut so I know it isn’t for everyone). I loveddddddd them. I didn’t want anyone else to get a taste for them and take them 🤣

Chipsfrish Ungarish were supposed to be sun-rippened bell pepper flavored chips. I thought they tasted like a light barbecue chip…Kinzie ate them all.

The Lachgummi minis tasted like normal gummies. They didn’t really stand out in any way. Kinzie got to gobble up both packs. She was pleased.

Marmorkuchen I had to share with the hubby. He ate one pack and I ate the other. They are supposed to be vanilla/chocolate marble cake. They reminded me of those little packs of chocolate donuts you buy at the gas station. Only really fresh. I’m not quite sure how they managed the whole “melt in your mouth” freshness in mass production, but they did. 😍

I didn’t care for the frigeo knusper-puffreis. They are sweet and sour rice corn puff like things. Think consistency of funions, but the taste of sweet tarts. I didn’t dislike them, but I didn’t want to binge them either. Mckinzie and Richard devoured them. 🤣

I think this box was a win for us. We all want to try another. There wasn’t a single thing in this box that didn’t get eaten. If you would like to try them out I have a link for you: SnackCrate

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