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I really wanted my first post (besides the intro post) to be a book review, but it just so happens that instead Stardew Valley released its multiplayer update to PS4 before I had the chance to finish my current read. Now I also play this game on my Xbox but its update did not pass its certification process so as of right now it is still 100% single player on that console.

I was actually introduced to Stardew Valley by my sister in law, who had been playing for awhile before I began. So, we had both been looking forward to the multiplayer update so that we could play together. Thankfully she plays on PS4 (she’s actually the reason I broke down and bought one) so she got the update as well.

Of course as soon as the update hit we both threw on our farmer hats and jumped right into it. One of the first things we noticed was that there could be up to four of us on one game and that PlayStation Plus was required to play. Unfortunately, you cannot play on that save game unless the host is online. I wasn’t too thrilled about that but I understand the need for it to be that way. I wouldn’t want to have to pay for a sever rental for a game like Stardew Valley. Another note on the start up of joining a friends game is that you won’t know where your house is placed. Whatsoever. When making a game you always get to choose your home placement but as a multiplayer character joining you do not. This is cool, just means you won’t have the cutest house, but that isn’t really something that will majorly effect your gameplay.

The next thing we noticed was that we were all sharing the same money. So we thought maybe when we went to purchase our bag upgrade it would cover each of us that were currently playing, but that was not the case. We EACH had to purchase our bag upgrades separately, along with house upgrades, and the upgrading of our tools too. On a more positive note if you go drop off a tool to be upgraded it doesn’t stop them from being able to upgrade one of theirs. Normally if you go say hello to Clint before your upgrade is finished he tells you it isn’t ready yet and there’s nothing else you can do at his shop. This is still the case for you but not for your friends.

We also noticed a rather large difference when we went to the mines. There were more monsters and they even seemed a bit harder to kill. We began to only go when we were all together to avoid taking any unnecessary risks.

We couldn’t go to events until we were all ready. We each got the cutscenes for different areas on our own, with the exception of different town events. Our donations to the community center and the library counted for all of us but our completed quests did not. We could each marry our own men or we could marry each other if we felt so inclined. It was a healthy balance we all enjoyed.

We did not enjoy the amount of crashes that came our way. Still, we played on and were very happy to discover that just a couple days later they dropped a hotfix for crashes. I know a lot of Xbox players were upset with not getting the update ( I was a little too), but they really do go above and beyond to try and keep you updated online with what is going on and to fix these bugs. We are happy campers today. What about you?

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