Target 🎯

I did end up buying the curly edition of November’s box. So we are going to skip through it really quick to get to December. 🙈😊
I don’t think I will ever stop loving Target’s beauty boxes. They are so cheap and you still manage to get a bit of change back from each purchase to use towards your next one.

Detangler is used often in this house. My daughter and I both have really thick hair that is prone to build up. So we constantly have to brush our hair and we tangle more often than not. I am always open to trying new ones!

Say hello to December! I snagged this one early and managed to get it on sale for even cheaper than normal ❤
They are always packaged well too.
The tape they used to “help” keep the bottles closed was pointless. 😬

I did go ahead and try this shampoo with the conditioner. I really debated on it too because it says somewhere on the bottles “for fuller hair” and I really don’t need my hair to be any thicker. Still I tried just to see how it would feel. My hair feels great, but it turned into a fuzzy and frizzy mane. It is a natural plant based formula though so I just had to try. It isn’t something I will be using again though unless I just run out of everything else.

Shampoo, conditioner, and nose strips seem to be common with this box. So if you aren’t really into hair care I wouldn’t recommend it. This was my first month getting a hair mask through them though and I am excited to check it out. Always love perfume samples too. This box was another win for me ✔

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