Toucan πŸ“¦ Part 1

I really wanted the next blog post to be a book or game review, but I haven’t given you guys anything the past two days because of it. So, oh well. Today will be part one of a two part box review.

The box was super cute and addressed directly to the kiddo. It was even easy to open so she could do it herself.

I will say these are shipped internationally so they do take a bit longer to make it to you. Surprisingly they don’t charge you an outrageous amount for shipping. Only $1.95 to be exact.

The middle is a magazine, where the back two are instruction manuals on top of their craft packs. (Not pictured was multiple sheets of stickers)
This is the bat dress up pack.

During this part one I will only be going over the bat dress up pack. There wasn’t anything in that pack that I couldn’t easily find in the store myself. Yet, it was still nice to have it all together where I didn’t have to hunt for it. Especially with the instructions there for me to look at.

McKinzie really enjoyed this activity.

The steps were surprisingly easy to follow. There were a few things I wish they would have included so that we didn’t discover them too late though.

We didn’t notice any specific differences between the wings besides an obvious left and right. I suppose I should have paid a bit more attention, but it wasn’t mentioned and I honestly didn’t think any thing of it.

As you can see the sides that were decorated were put on opposite sides of the wings. I couldn’t just turn it around without it facing the wrong way or it’s back attachment clip being unable to attach to anything. She did not seem to mind though.

Another little tidbit was that they didn’t state to have the sticky part of the velcro facing outwards (I thought that was asking for hair issues) so I faced it inwards. Sticking her arms through the loops was a difficult process because of this. Velcro sticking to every piece of clothing that it could reach.

Other than those two little tidbits I was happy. She looks adorable even if her wings are mismatched. We enjoyed ourselves and for a lower than I thought price. We are looking forward to part two.

If you would like to try out the Toucan box you can use my link here: Discount! Using that link you can try a box for only the cost of shipping, which is only $1.95. For every person that signs up through my link I get a box half off for Kinzie. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— Mmmkay. Go spoil your kiddos now.

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