Updates 😊

So, I’ve been a little quieter than usual. Instead of a normal review I’m going to do a couple mini reviews and tell you where I’m at right now. 🙈

Currently reading Holes. I loved this movie and have been wanting to read the book forever. My local library had it and I jumped to check it out. 😂 I’m not currently enjoying it as much as I did the movie, but I am sticking with it
Get A Life, Chloe Brown is another I have been on and off reading for awhile. It’s beautiful and witty. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I am surprised I havent already finished it. Hopefully I will have finished it for a full review before its official pub date. 😬 (I dont normally use tabs on my books but there were a couple things I didnt want to forget to mention when I do a full review)
Completed this one on its release day. It’s entire series is in kindle unlimited so I thought I would check them out. I am not entirely sure why I keep reading these books to be honest. I do like academy style books, but this was a very dark bully romance. The darker it is the more I steer clear. The first one gave me nightmares and they aren’t even really my type of books, but I keep reading them to find out what happens next. I guess that says something?
I completed this one on its release day as well. The cover is beautiful. The book was great. I had planned to do a full review post on it, but every time I went to type something I came up completely blank. It is an academy style, dystopian style kind of, and bully romance kind of book. A big mix of everything. I enjoyed it, but there are a lot of these style books out right now and sometimes they all sort of blur together. This one stands out against the others I have read like it though. I was super disappointed to find out that the next one won’t be out until July of 2020.
This is a TV show that is apparently based on a book series I have never read, but need to discover. I stumbled across the show on my amazon prime about a week ago. I then found myself squeezing that show into all my free time. I played it while I cooked, while I ate, while my husband slept, while I did my school work, and every other chance I got. I consumed this show like it was my favorite candy. Clearly I overdid it because there are currently three seasons out right now and I finished them all. 😬🙈😂😅🤣 I loved it. The next season airs December 13th and they are already in production for season five. I was shocked to discover it was originally a syfy show that got cancelled. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! 😱 Amazon really scored themselves a good one. Go watch it. Seriously.

I’m also on the last week of my first two classes in college so it has been a little crazy for me trying to get everything turned in! What has your week looked like?

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