Why I won’t be getting another…

I meant to write this for you guys days ago, but unfortunately I have caught a cold. So, I havent been doing much of anything besides hiding in bed with books.

I recieved this box a week or so ago. I was so excited when I started the process because I didn’t think I would ever get to try it out. They are kind of expensive at a whopping 50 bucks. So, when I saw they were having a sale for 50% off I jumped on it. It quickly became a disappointment.

Right off the bat for my first choice the two items I was interested in were sold out. So, I clicked mystery choice and decided to hope for the best. Surely it would be something just as spectacular. I ended up waiting longer than I initially thought I would for it to arrive.

Everything was packaged beautifully and I think the magazines are a cute touch.

I was so happy about that hair towel. I use it after every shower. I have really thick and wavy hair that takes the entire day to dry. I have towels on my head all the time, but it is normally uncomfortable. Sometimes it is even painful and it always feels heavy or constantly falls. I thought the hair towel would be super confusing to figure out, but it was so simple. Not only that but it is so light and it completely removes the uncomfortable feeling. It was by far my favorite item in this box. These sell for 18 bucks a piece and I would’ve never spent that on my own. Lol.

Now I chose the wallet and I do enjoy it a great deal. I currently use it as my regular wallet. It is cute and goes with pretty much my entire wardrobe. It is valued at 60 bucks though. I would NEVER spend 60 dollars on a wallet. Ever. I am a cheap sake and on a strict budget. So, spending that much on a wallet just seems outrageous to me.

The ExfoliKate was the mystery choice. Now I love skin care products do not get me wrong, but the two items I originally wanted were both large items. One was a straightener while the other was a blanket, but they were both sold out so I couldn’t choose either. I was expecting a different large-ish item for my mystery item since all the other choices had been. Instead I got that.

I liked all the products and I will use them all. I know they retail altogether for way more than I spent. I just do not feel this box was worth 50 bucks nor do I feel any desire to try again. If you decide you would like to try though you can use my referral link here : FabFitGun! Maybe I will decide to try again later.

What do you think?

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